Tim Tomlinson, Tulsa N-Hance Owner

Congrats to Tim and His Team for This Month's Spotlight!

February Spotlight
February 11, 2021

Tim Tomlinson started working with Hubsuite back in August of 2019. Hubsuite helps Tim with his digital marketing, bookkeeping, payroll and coaching. In the beginning Tim’s business struggled not for a lack of working hard but because he wasn’t keeping track of the right metrics. Not understanding where to correct Tim’s business sputtered never consistently doing over $15k a month. When Tim started working with us and we could highlight the areas that he needed to focus on he began to see incredible results. Tim focused on sales conversion and tech productivity. As a testament to Tim’s dedication, we can say proudly that he never gave up and always had the drive to improve. As we monitored and coached him in areas to improve Tim’s tech productivity went from $34 / hour to now $68 / hour. Doubling his productivity increased his capacity to sell more jobs in a given period of time all without having to hire a more employees. Now with this added capacity Tim set to work on improving his sales performance. Tim went from sometimes less than 10% conversion rate to now well over 25%. Tim is a great example of caring leadership as well as a tenacious learner who constantly wants to improve his company’s performance. Now he consistently has months over $35k in revenue! Tim used tools like The Hub to understand his areas of improvement, OnTrack so that his dashboards reflected accurate data, webinars, and regular coaching. Congratulations to Tim and his team for being Hubsuite’s spotlight client this month. We look forward to many more years of great results!

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