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API Integrations

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a method of communication that different software can speak with each other. APIs are used to transfer data, trigger alerts, message your customers, or sync data between platforms. It is a powerful tool that can help automate your business and free you up to focus on things that you specialize in.

How can I use API's in my business?

API's can be integrated and used in your business in various different ways. We help our clients integrate various platforms with each other so they can all work in sync. Some ideas include:

  • Syncing customer data to your CRM
  • Triggering Review Requests for recent customers
  • Sending out invoices or estimates to customers automatically
  • Populating a dashboard with data from your CRM, Quickbooks, and your marketing to get a holistic view of your business
  • Automatically posting content to your social media profiles
  • Alerting you of new leads or phone calls
  • Communicate scheduling changes for your employees or crews

Why should I use API's?

There are so many platforms today that is difficult to remember to check and maintain all of them. API's free you from having to be the middle man of communication and allow you and your team to operate more efficiently.

How does Hubsuite help with API's?

We have our own team of developers that speak the language of computers. We will meet with you and find out the scope of what you need done and give you estimates up front of how long and how much a project will take and cost. We are committed to helping you automate your business and will help you sync your different platforms together.


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